A short stop-motion video that looks at how to keep an engaging social life while being physically removed from the outside world. The video looks at how restrictions on movement don’t mean social lives have to stop!

Promo of the documentary film Not Your Property that I filmed and directed for UNMIK, featuring stories of survivors from across Kosovo's different communities, and interviews with experts on how the exceptionally low number of property ownership by women due to customary norms leaves women vulnerable to domestic violence.

UNMIK's Mission Support Division has been blazing ahead on a number of fronts - looking after people and the environment, as the first peacekeeping mission to introduce hybrid vehicles; attaining ISO 9001 certification, and implementing new best practices and reforms.

Manipulation, sexual violence, lost property - but the fight is not done. Inspired by real stories, the “One Day” ballet performance charts the past; What will the future tell? Part of the #16Days of Activism campaign.

Many young people from different communities in Kosovo don't speak each other's language, separating them from a pre-conflict world that only exists in their grandparents' memories. A production of UNMIK Office of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs in collaboration with IOM Kosovo Directed, edited and filmed by Amanda Fisher; Executive producer: Sanam Dolatshahi

"Shedding light on the fate of missing persons is key to reconciliation." 1,658 persons remain unaccounted for as a result of the conflict in Kosovo in 1998/1999. The United Nations Mission in Kosovo continues to support the Working Group on Missing Persons and to assist the families of missing persons, in particular through funding of a Missing Persons Resource Centre in Pristina.

The Mitrovica mosque in the south of one of Kosovo’s most divided cities and its Orthodox church to the north have been working together since the conflict to bring their respective communities together through different activities.

New Zealand is a long way from the sandy wonderland of the United Arab Emirates. Amid the dunes, Tumanako Seymour is bringing touch rugby, taiaha and tu meke yarns to the desert.

A multilingual video on a multiethnic collective of women butchers who are helping generate income in their small village in Kosovo, while healing ethnic divisions that still exist as a result of the conflict in 1999.

October 10, 2017 marked an historic day for #Kosovo's #LGBTIQcommunity, when it held Kosovo's first ever Pride Parade on a sunny autumn morning. About 1000 people from the local and international community turned out for the march through Pristina's Mother Teresa Boulevard, under the slogan 'In the Name of Love'.

Explore some of the more difficult realities of life as a woman in Kosovo society through a beautifully choreographed modern dance "One Day" by Baleti Kombëtar i Kosovës. Inspired by real stories of Kosovo women, the performance examines gender-based violence, access to property rights, and the power imbalance of relationships formed in a typically patriarchal society - where seeds of change are taking root.

Ziwa Victoria is Africa’s largest lake, and its surface area is the second biggest in the world. But an ecological disaster threatens the lake’s future and the 35 million people who depend on its bounty, due to climate change and overfishing.

A short documentary including some of the examples of UNMIK and its implementing partners' contributions in response to COVID-19, which fell broadly into three categories: community support, innovation and gender response.

Anything You Can Do, Women Can Do Too! Meet three strong women from Kosovo who have defied gender norms and pushed society forward. Kosovo's top female boxer Donjeta Sadiku, the first female dean of the University of Pristina's Philology Department Dr Lindita Rugova, and Mitrovica's domestic violence protection officer Vesna Krivokapic hope to see other women following on from their lead.

In seven villages in Pejë/Peć, Kosovo Albanian and Kosovo Serb farmers have found a way to sew the seeds of togetherness.

Kumzar is a land stuck between past and present, a fishing village on the tip of the Oman's Musandam Peninsula with no roads where electricity only arrived 30 years ago, but with a helipad and 4G network.